Sweden VS Dashcam

Swedens laws against cameras in cars doesn’t really make any sense and noone seem to really know how to interpret the law.

-A mounted camera is considered a surveillancecamera and for ANY surveillancecamera you need a permit

-A handheld camera in a car is fine, except if you are the driver, then you will probably be charged with the new “phonelaw”, basically something is taking your eyes off the road

-A camera with a suction mount?

-A phone with a suction mount? There are apps that makes your phone into a dashcam?

Motormännen tries to go to the bottom with this, but they seem to raise more questions then answers. Bottom line seem to be, noone knows….


Ford Mondeo record?

The Ford has taken a fair amount of beating since I got it. It started when we needed a car for a trip to Murmansk, something cheap and “unstealable”, or at least, something noone wanted to steal. It then had about 240 000 km on the meter.



Then it continued, seemed impossible to kill, so, next was Odessa:


And finally a trip to Siberia:


Between all this it has been used for basically anything that you don’t want to use your regular car for.

It now has more then 300 000 km on the meter, must be some kind of a record for a Ford Mondeo, they seem to rust away before this is possible: