Bought a new headache

Since I aparently don’t have enough to do I felt the need for getting another project…

A Mercedes 170s from 1950, it is supposed to look like this:

Unfortunately mine doesn’t, restored frame and rebuilt engine:

Body in great shape, it has been stripped from paint and then left, so surface rust:

And loaded:

I drove roughly 1400 km that day, not fun with no Cruise Control.

More pictures from the pickup can be found here:

Summerhouse in Gävle

Trying to prolong the Life of the “Friggebod” in the summerhouse in Gävle, needs a new roof, put a tarp on it last year:

Basically the roof is gone, but with a new one I hope it will stand another 5 years, guess we’ll have to build a new one then. About a year ago I put a tarp on it to prevent water and snow to destroy it completely.

Started with some wood:

Then some left over corrugated metal:

The result is a long way from perfekt, but since this is what I had to work with it is ok, at least now it is waterproofed:

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