9 thoughts on “At least it will not freeze….”

  1. So you like Single Malt Liquids, as do I. In most cases they will not freeze even in our cold climate (in sweden).

    I confess I’ve neven seen an Indian single malt. Is it nice?

      1. Thanx… that’s all i wanted to hear.
        Looking forward to it. Do you have some kind of collection in these kind of spirits? Whisky’s I mean…

          1. Fredag!!!!

            Why wait?? 😉 just kidding.

            But what’s the occasion? It’s FRIDAY or what?

      1. Ohh, i see. These closed encounters are known to be a bit wet, so to speak. Well i’m looking forward to read your comments. Let’s just hope that you can remember which whiskey tasted good. (I know by experience that it could be a bit tricky the day after.)

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