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  1. Hello,
    my name is Milo from Italy,please do you have two original catalytic convectors for MB R129 600SL?
    Thank you Milo

    1. Hello, sorry, no, they were blocked up. But why would you want original ones, there is no upside at all about them. Original are old, expensive, heavy, ceramic and breaks, everything is bad about them.

      If you want I have brand new ones, original, never used, but is about €1000 for both.

      1. Hi,
        for autenticity!To maintain the original aspect of the producers!In Italy authenticity is all!
        Thank you for your offer but I’ll do it alone!agrees.

        1. I guess that depends on what you are going to use it for, here r129 is a relatively cheap car, too new. If you want to use the car, don’t get originals, if for concours d’elegance, then of course originals.

          1. Hello Gus,
            Yes, I use my car but this car is entered in the Italian National Register of vintage cars,being over twenty years!

  2. I can see your point, wanting to keep it original. Original catalytic converters are about €1000 per piece here in Sweden.

    1. My project;opening and emptying existing kat. and put in new metal kat 100 or 200 cells!
      How much could cost ECU remapping in Sweden?

      1. I use 200 cells metallic core catalytic converter. Sorry, no idea about the remapping, been thinking about it myself. What year is the car, have you looked at the wiring?

  3. Hi,1993,yes I replaced the engine wiring!This type the engine M120,cloud deliver more horses(HP)!I’m trying to first series ECU that delivers 408hp example MB S600 or remapping the existing ECU!

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