Bought some extras….

I found a ad with some things left over from a restoration of a 1950 170s, so I bought all the guy had, mine is supposed to be complete, but you never know….

Some lists and a radiator:

A box containing a brakedrum, brakepads, mechanism for a window, some more lists, some handles and more:

Also a rim and a box with assorted junk:


The patient…

Since I aparently don’t have enough to do I felt the need for getting another project…

A Mercedes 170s from 1950, it is supposed to look like this:

Unfortunately mine doesn’t, restored frame and rebuilt engine:

Body in great shape, it has been stripped from paint and then left, so surface rust:

And loaded:

I drove roughly 1400 km that day, not fun with no Cruise Control.

More pictures from the pickup can be found here: