Tank removal

I decided that I needed to remove the tank, first of all for inspection behind it since the floor in the “backseat” is basically gone, second, I want to paint there regardless, third, seem to get a lot of sand there from sandblasting, want to remove it.

Tank is out, looks “new”:

Everything looks as “new” behind it aswell:

Back seat floor #1

Decided I have to start with the back seat floor, made some cuts:

After a lot of swearing I got everything out, I don’t really get MB’s thoughts about this, there is a small “cup” in the flooor with holes for I guess water to go through, but it can only go inside the actual frame? Some rust inside the frame aswell, but it has two rubber covers, so it can actually be treated from the underside of the car:

The “cup” that got a Little bit abused, wwill have to fix it:

Roughly the shape of the piece I will have to make:

A lot of sandblasting later it looks nice and I started to fit some new flanges where I cut too much:

The other side isn’t that fun either:

All pictures from the last two posts can be seen here


Left rear rust #8

Finally got around to do some work again, did a final check too see if the pieces fit:

Drilled some holes for welding:

Welding primer on and some small spotwelds:

Not a perfect fit, but close enough:

Some welding later: