Left rear rust #12

The last rusty bit of the left rear, from the outside it did not look that bad, but as usual when I do something…. It only shows a small crack at the bottom:

From the inside it looks a little bit worse, ok, the bracket for the muffler has to go:

I hate spotwelds, was also edgewelded at the bottom, this needs to go to the blasting cabinet:

Alright, it was worse, as usual:

Some cutting later:

Made a piece of metal, very proud of this piece, it is more complicated then it looks, curvs in every possible direction:

Some welding and grinding later:

Still needs to be fixed from behind, just a “facade” now…

When the car was “repaired” after an incident och the right side some american idiot just resprayed the rear of the car, by the look and feel och it they did not sand, probably not even washed it, the paint peels off and underneath is the original layer. Spent some time removing it, will have to do more though:

More pictures can be found here: