Right side #1

Need to do something about this and also the inside:

It looks pretty good, but I want this to have a nice smooth painted Surface, not this rough:

Cut away… Rare opportunity to look inside:

Looks better then expected, just some surface rust:

Will be sandblasted as much as possible, sprayed with  phosphoric acid and then a lot of linseed oil:

All pictures here:


Right floor #6

Not much work done, sealed the joints and rustprotected more:

Test fit:

A lot of welding later:

Grinded, still have to do the holes for the temporary screws and some touchup:

Al pictures to this short session here:


Right floor #4

Found some problems in the front of the floor aswell:

No time to waste, get welding, this was a screw hole, might be for the plastic in the Wheel arc, well, now it is gone:

Usually I don’t approve putting double metal, but in this case I cut away the bat metal, sand blasted, welding primer:

Simple welded a piece on top, here is everything grinded and sandblasted, also welded in nuts for holding the heatshields from underneath:

Right floor #3

Alright, what to do with this, it looks good, but since I am a sceptical person:

So, drill/cut all the welds:

Sandblasting showed this needed some patching:

It sttod between cutting this part out or patching the small holes, Went for the last option, patched the spot welds and then the few holes that were there, you can also see I drilled some guidance holes for remounting:

Then cleaned out this part, of course rust under the sealant, acid and a lot of sandblasting later:

Then turned to this, I hate bitumen or whatever the soundproofing is, all cars I have seen this comes loose or there has been water behind it, I will most definately not use it:

That’s better:


Right floor #2


Some cutting and sandblasting later:

Made a piece of metal, middle part is resued:

Welding primer:

This also:

Cutting, sandblasting, welding primer:

New small piece of metal:

From inside, rear end of floor is done:

Right floor

Well, I have now and then done some work, mostly removing surface rust, on the floor, but now time has come to fix it:

Started with this nasty hole, made a small piece to go there and started cutting away:


Some welding, grinding and sandblasting later, also welded a M6 nut there to hold the heatshield underneath, not a fan om MB’s solution of just putting a metalscrew through the floor:

Welded nuts to the other holes aswell:

Right rear rust

Not much happended, but since I fixed some rust on another car and opened a tube of seam seal I decided to finish it off:

Painted the backseat floor and sealed it:

Also found something in the rear right wheel arch, had to cut away some rust:

Cut off the lower corner here, don’t like MBs design which seem to be made for having dirt stay there, will need to do some sealing here aswell…..: