Right Floor #8

I hate bitumen/rubber/soundproofing mats that are self adesive, eventually they all crack, if strangely shaped surface you will not get it flat to the surface, there will be gaps, moist behind then = rust, they are heavy and there will be edges and gaps.

Now, enough complaining, I have started to test a soundproofing/vibration dampening paint and I must say I like it.

Used a spraygun for undercoating, still wet here:

Next day:

It needs another layer, only one here, but now Everything is covered, with mats only parts get covered.

There are more pictures of this here:


Right rear rust

Not much happended, but since I fixed some rust on another car and opened a tube of seam seal I decided to finish it off:

Painted the backseat floor and sealed it:

Also found something in the rear right wheel arch, had to cut away some rust:

Cut off the lower corner here, don’t like MBs design which seem to be made for having dirt stay there, will need to do some sealing here aswell…..:

Some painting

Finally got around to do some well needed rust protection, got sick of sandblasting same places all the time just to find out they have rusted upon next visit.

Some welding primer:

Was already acid treated before, now 2 component polyurethane aluminium base coat for boats:

Inside the left rear wing, some spots where I fixed the soft top cover list and some just rusted:

Sandblasted as long as it was possible, the rest longer in will get a few acid treatments later, painted what was neede now, will do more later on:

The left lower corner I rebuilt:

Right rear:

Left rear:

The bracket for the silencer is welded in place: