Since I didn’t think it was enough I started looking for more rust and didn’t take long, made a more thorough inspection of the bulkhead and front wheelarc, more work…

Bulkhead, here was the decision made that the dashboard had to go:

Considering what I have seen online, this is not that bad, but it is in a bad spot:

Dashboard and other stuff out, dashboard needs fixing anyways, has cracks, was just not going to do it now:

Front part of exhaust had to go to be able to take away the rust/paint from where I am welding the floor:

Besides, I don’t like it, will build my own later:

More rust:

All pictures here:

Right floor underside…

Well, stripped some parts off the car to get better overview and get the screws and bolts out of the holes in the floor:

And of course more of my favourite work:

Cover/fastening plates for the transmission, these things are heavy, see if I can make them out of aluminium later:

I got some work cut out for me:

Couldn’t resist cleaning these, this is 10 kg….


Decided it was time to remove some things from the car, the windscreen to start with: My helper was not as patient as me, resulted quickly in one small crack and then I decided not to waste more time with it, the result: Too bad I sold the extra one I had, well, I guess it will be nice with a brand new one. The passenger door is already removed, time for the drivers side: Took a lot of photos of all the wires and crap in the door and then removed it: Waiting to be completely stripped and painted inside:

All pictures can be seen here: