Right floor

Well, I have now and then done some work, mostly removing surface rust, on the floor, but now time has come to fix it:

Started with this nasty hole, made a small piece to go there and started cutting away:


Some welding, grinding and sandblasting later, also welded a M6 nut there to hold the heatshield underneath, not a fan om MB’s solution of just putting a metalscrew through the floor:

Welded nuts to the other holes aswell:

Right rear rust

Not much happended, but since I fixed some rust on another car and opened a tube of seam seal I decided to finish it off:

Painted the backseat floor and sealed it:

Also found something in the rear right wheel arch, had to cut away some rust:

Cut off the lower corner here, don’t like MBs design which seem to be made for having dirt stay there, will need to do some sealing here aswell…..:


As usual, more rust found after some inspection, just brushed it and put some acid on it, will deal with this shortly:

I will take away all this rough body from these, mine will be painted the same quality as the rest of the car, sideskirts or not:

This is the passenger side floor, need to cut some of the corner away, but this is quite easy fix:

Inside of the rear wheelarc and my replaced part, need to be treated after I weld the quarterpanel in place:

More pictures here:


Floor #1

Started to clean up the floor, with a rotating brush on a angle grinder:

And of course there is rust:

Put some acid on it to see how bad it is:

Identified 2 holes on the drivers side, the one shown previous in the front and this one in the rear:

Most likely I will just fill these with weld, but there is a lot of Surface rust and also in the joints between the plates. See a lot of sandblasting and acid treatment in front of me…

More pictures from this weekend can be found here:


Back seat floor #6

I finally finished the floor on the passenger side after painting the inside of the beam. First pained the back of the plate:

Then the welding started:

After grinding:

And the result after sandblasting, ready for some acid and paint:

Am I happy with it?

No, but it will do, turned out ok.

Some painting

Finally got around to do some well needed rust protection, got sick of sandblasting same places all the time just to find out they have rusted upon next visit.

Some welding primer:

Was already acid treated before, now 2 component polyurethane aluminium base coat for boats:

Inside the left rear wing, some spots where I fixed the soft top cover list and some just rusted:

Sandblasted as long as it was possible, the rest longer in will get a few acid treatments later, painted what was neede now, will do more later on:

The left lower corner I rebuilt:

Right rear:

Left rear:

The bracket for the silencer is welded in place:




Decided it was time to remove some things from the car, the windscreen to start with: My helper was not as patient as me, resulted quickly in one small crack and then I decided not to waste more time with it, the result: Too bad I sold the extra one I had, well, I guess it will be nice with a brand new one. The passenger door is already removed, time for the drivers side: Took a lot of photos of all the wires and crap in the door and then removed it: Waiting to be completely stripped and painted inside:

All pictures can be seen here:


Back seat floor #5

Continued work on the backseat floor, made the last piece on the right side, testwelded in place for adjustment:

The reinforement cup is supposed to be something like this:

Drilled a hole to see that I am on the “tap” that it should be welded on:

Sandblasted around the edges and weldingprimer on:

Testfit after cup is welded in place, holes for welding and sandblasted:

Out again, welding primer on, need to do some more painting before it can be fitted: