Right from corner

Earlier I removed some of the metal:

New part:

Needed something to mark with, found a spraycan of Hyundai Red:

Accidentally drilled 2 spotwelds all the way through, needed to be fixed, placed a cupperplate behind and welded holes:

Test fitting:

Started off with Volvos welding primer as usual, the remembered I bought a weldable aluminium spray to test:

Didn’t want to get spray everywhere, so Volvo blue it is…, ready for new part:

It is a two part job, pop riveted it i place first to see that everything was ok:

Welded, grinded, painted, sealed and more welding primer:

Testfit och second part:

To make it easier to weld I grind the holes a bit, gets the paint of plus makes the edges easier to weld:

Work in progress:

Welded and grinded:


Bought some rubber mats since I will use it in winter:


Absolute perfect fit:


About time I do something about this corner:




Need some new pieces:


Also did some spraycan painting, will be this way at least over winter I guess, don’t know if I will try to paint everything myself or not:



Finally got around to start repairing some of the broken plastic parts, thought it was as any ABS plastic, had real problems sourcing MEK (MethylEthylKetone) to solve some plastic pieces in, make a plastic slurry and glue them together with.

Turns out I was wrong, the plastig is yellow, does not solve and when heated does not melt, more or less disappears. Read the stamp, PUR= PolyUrethaneResin…

Started doing research and found some “heatglue” you can “weld” them together with, looked really promising, location USA…

As usual everything professional is not available unless you are a company when it comes to glues.

Did some thinking and remembered I have some glue somewhere which I bought for gluing carbon fibre parts, sure enough, Polyurethane 2k glue:


So, making V-groves of all damages:


Aluminium tape to seal it off:


And start gluing:


Front has a lot of small holes and 2 small cracks, unfortunately I broke the glue gun before I got to them:


Sanded and glued from both sides:



Need some flexible filler….


My “new” replacement parts:


Straightened and sandblasted (where needed) ABS-unit bracket:


Rest of parts sandblasted:




Not the original kind of satin black, this one is more glossy, but two layers will at least stop them from rusting.

Disassembling continues

Hmm, that transmission crossmember looks strange:


Yup, not supposed to look like that seems someone hit something pretty hard, luckily no other damages:


Bracked for ABS-unit needs straightening:


New hinges:


Note to self, don’t start engine while forgetting plastic bag over intake because you were smart and covered it no to get debris in:


Need these parts new for the front:


This corner needs som fixing:



Solving rough running + disassemble

The car has been running rough, runs good cold but when it gets warm one cylinder has been misfiring, I knew from reading codes it was cylinder 5 and I suspected the ignition coil, they usually break.

Ordered 2 used ignition coils to have a spare if I run into more broken ones.

Was going to drive the car for 350 km to the garage, so replaced the coil and off I went, didn’t get far until Check engine light came on. I had also bought new sparkplugs for service, so at a petrolstation outside Gävle I replaced the sparkplug, Check engine light gone and it runs perfect:

Next day I replaced the rest of the sparkplugs + airfilters and cabinfilter:


Washed it:



And started taking it apart to fix the cosmetics:


Fender comes off:


Got all the broken plastic off from the underside, hotwater cleaned it:



Project restart

Standstill for 2 years, but this summer things finally started going the right way.

First, ordered a complete used passengers seat from California to solve Airbag/Belt/SRS problems, it did after some calibration at Wikmans bil in Gävle.

I also had the car registered and it past inspection=legal to drive.


Since car always said ABS and ESP not working and I cleaned the wheel sensors and the steering angle sensor I started looking for something else, this can’t be good:

Need new bracket also:

Bought the whole Traction system hydraulic unit(A7/3), but then did some reading and when system is just woken it is 60 bar of pressure, when working 160 bar, so gave it a shot just swapping the control unit:

They are “identical” but different part number, mine comes off a E500:

Magically ESP warnings gone, ABS warnings gone, Adaptive steering is back in working order and Cruise control started working. Case closed.

Rough running

Engine is running kind of rough, especially when idling and can stutter from time to time, but never with a heavy foot on the pedal. Saw that I forgot to connect the airpump to the airbox, gave me the idea to look for other hoses that might be loose.

Off with the airbox, saw the conntector to the LMM was a little bit strange, and yes, LMM has been replaced, it has junkyard writings:

Then noticed this:

Since when is it ok to repair large wholes with tape? Also a lot of cracks and not fitting well, loose:

Ordered a new one:

In place:

LMM back:

Check engine light gone, still a little rough, pulled code and got misfire on Cyl 5, changed ignition coils between cyl 5 and 6 to see if error moved. But unfortunately no more errors and still running same, might need to drive more.