Running rough

Since it ran kind of rough (still drove 500 km) I had to do something about it, one of the ignition coils closest to the “crashsite” had broken fixingpoints, glued one in place, one was completely gone, but worked out well with some washers:

Unfortunately this did not solve the problem and the Check engine light is still on. Used my OBD-II reader and saw that I got misfiring on another cylinder, not the one I “fixed”, moved that coil and yup, the problem also moved.

Ordered a new (used) coil and installed:

No more rough running, no more misfire on cylinder X error code, unfortunately I instead got:

P0013. B Camshaft Position:Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). Alternatively (1) B Camshaft Position – Actuator Circuit (Bank1).

The belt was in bad shape, I think it took some beating in the crash and the engine wined a lot, so, new belt en belt pulley, nice and as silent as it should be:

More engine pictures:

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