Rough running

Engine is running kind of rough, especially when idling and can stutter from time to time, but never with a heavy foot on the pedal. Saw that I forgot to connect the airpump to the airbox, gave me the idea to look for other hoses that might be loose.

Off with the airbox, saw the conntector to the LMM was a little bit strange, and yes, LMM has been replaced, it has junkyard writings:

Then noticed this:

Since when is it ok to repair large wholes with tape? Also a lot of cracks and not fitting well, loose:

Ordered a new one:

In place:

LMM back:

Check engine light gone, still a little rough, pulled code and got misfire on Cyl 5, changed ignition coils between cyl 5 and 6 to see if error moved. But unfortunately no more errors and still running same, might need to drive more.

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