Disassembling continues

Hmm, that transmission crossmember looks strange:


Yup, not supposed to look like that seems someone hit something pretty hard, luckily no other damages:


Bracked for ABS-unit needs straightening:


New hinges:


Note to self, don’t start engine while forgetting plastic bag over intake because you were smart and covered it no to get debris in:


Need these parts new for the front:


This corner needs som fixing:



Solving rough running + disassemble

The car has been running rough, runs good cold but when it gets warm one cylinder has been misfiring, I knew from reading codes it was cylinder 5 and I suspected the ignition coil, they usually break.

Ordered 2 used ignition coils to have a spare if I run into more broken ones.

Was going to drive the car for 350 km to the garage, so replaced the coil and off I went, didn’t get far until Check engine light came on. I had also bought new sparkplugs for service, so at a petrolstation outside Gävle I replaced the sparkplug, Check engine light gone and it runs perfect:

Next day I replaced the rest of the sparkplugs + airfilters and cabinfilter:


Washed it:



And started taking it apart to fix the cosmetics:


Fender comes off:


Got all the broken plastic off from the underside, hotwater cleaned it:



Project restart

Standstill for 2 years, but this summer things finally started going the right way.

First, ordered a complete used passengers seat from California to solve Airbag/Belt/SRS problems, it did after some calibration at Wikmans bil in Gävle.

I also had the car registered and it past inspection=legal to drive.