Finally got around to start repairing some of the broken plastic parts, thought it was as any ABS plastic, had real problems sourcing MEK (MethylEthylKetone) to solve some plastic pieces in, make a plastic slurry and glue them together with.

Turns out I was wrong, the plastig is yellow, does not solve and when heated does not melt, more or less disappears. Read the stamp, PUR= PolyUrethaneResin…

Started doing research and found some “heatglue” you can “weld” them together with, looked really promising, location USA…

As usual everything professional is not available unless you are a company when it comes to glues.

Did some thinking and remembered I have some glue somewhere which I bought for gluing carbon fibre parts, sure enough, Polyurethane 2k glue:


So, making V-groves of all damages:


Aluminium tape to seal it off:


And start gluing:


Front has a lot of small holes and 2 small cracks, unfortunately I broke the glue gun before I got to them:


Sanded and glued from both sides:



Need some flexible filler….

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