Right from corner

Earlier I removed some of the metal:

New part:

Needed something to mark with, found a spraycan of Hyundai Red:

Accidentally drilled 2 spotwelds all the way through, needed to be fixed, placed a cupperplate behind and welded holes:

Test fitting:

Started off with Volvos welding primer as usual, the remembered I bought a weldable aluminium spray to test:

Didn’t want to get spray everywhere, so Volvo blue it is…, ready for new part:

It is a two part job, pop riveted it i place first to see that everything was ok:

Welded, grinded, painted, sealed and more welding primer:

Testfit och second part:

To make it easier to weld I grind the holes a bit, gets the paint of plus makes the edges easier to weld:

Work in progress:

Welded and grinded:

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