Right from corner

Earlier I removed some of the metal:

New part:

Needed something to mark with, found a spraycan of Hyundai Red:

Accidentally drilled 2 spotwelds all the way through, needed to be fixed, placed a cupperplate behind and welded holes:

Test fitting:

Started off with Volvos welding primer as usual, the remembered I bought a weldable aluminium spray to test:

Didn’t want to get spray everywhere, so Volvo blue it is…, ready for new part:

It is a two part job, pop riveted it i place first to see that everything was ok:

Welded, grinded, painted, sealed and more welding primer:

Testfit och second part:

To make it easier to weld I grind the holes a bit, gets the paint of plus makes the edges easier to weld:

Work in progress:

Welded and grinded:


Bought some rubber mats since I will use it in winter:


Absolute perfect fit:


About time I do something about this corner:




Need some new pieces:


Also did some spraycan painting, will be this way at least over winter I guess, don’t know if I will try to paint everything myself or not:



My “new” replacement parts:


Straightened and sandblasted (where needed) ABS-unit bracket:


Rest of parts sandblasted:




Not the original kind of satin black, this one is more glossy, but two layers will at least stop them from rusting.

Disassembling continues

Hmm, that transmission crossmember looks strange: 20180825_205210.jpg Yup, not supposed to look like that seems someone hit something pretty hard, luckily no other damages: 20180826_124318.jpg Bracked for ABS-unit needs straightening: 20180826_125133.jpg New hinges: 20180826_150007.jpg Note to self, don’t start engine while forgetting plastic bag over intake because you were smart and covered it no to get debris in: 20180826_150145.jpg Need these parts new for the front: 20180826_164157.jpg This corner needs som fixing: 20180826_200742.jpg 20180826_200747.jpg

Front #5

Since I am not able to source the correct parts (noone else fot that matter also, not MB, not friends and various experts all came to same conclusion), if you order bumper inserts for AMG bumper you will end up with this:

Which clearly doesn’t fit, so after 1,5 month trying to solve this problem I brought out the saw:

Ended up with this:

Fitted to car:

Grill in place:

Everything needs adjustment, but it works:


European hood had more insulation than US version, but was missing a piece:

Cut some holes and did a lot ofbending to get it in Place, but worked although the insulation is a lot thicker:

Forgot the microswitch in the left lock for the hood and that was the last of the loose unidentified wires:

Transmission cooler

Supposed to be an oil cooler here for the transmission:

Fits nicely, but what is it supposed to be mounted on?

Also fixed the damaged cable for the hood locks:

Some thick walled heatshrink tube with heat glue on later:

And both locks are functional:

Put the new rubber list in place:

And it closes and locks as it should: