Bought some rubber mats since I will use it in winter:


Absolute perfect fit:


About time I do something about this corner:




Need some new pieces:


Also did some spraycan painting, will be this way at least over winter I guess, don’t know if I will try to paint everything myself or not:


Disassembling continues

Hmm, that transmission crossmember looks strange:


Yup, not supposed to look like that seems someone hit something pretty hard, luckily no other damages:


Bracked for ABS-unit needs straightening:


New hinges:


Note to self, don’t start engine while forgetting plastic bag over intake because you were smart and covered it no to get debris in:


Need these parts new for the front:


This corner needs som fixing:




Since I never liked the 18″ rims and the rear rubber was not the same left/right=will not pass inspection and they were to small for the bodytype, I started looking for something else.

By coincidence I found 4 19″, style I liked, fitted good, but in rough shape and horrible colour, but, they were cheap, so here they are:

And fitted to car, need spacers and will have to do something about finish/paint later:

New project begins…

Bought a car in Jersey, New York, unseen, frontal damage, but seemed mostly to be cosmetic. It was cheap, shipping was cheap, what can go wrong?

Just collected from the harbour in Gothenburg:

Quickly showed the left rear tire was crap, no spare, didn’t want to drive 500 km like this. Ended up having 18″ 255 put on the rim, should have been 285, but at least I got home, also found out the rim needs some work…

A couple of hours later I had full functionality lightwise and a ribbon holding the bonnet in place (no locks) and all loose parts taped or locked down.

Time to go:

Quickly noticed one cylinder acted strange, no heating, no control modules for seats, so, didn’t run correct and me feet were freezing for 5 hours….