Bought some rubber mats since I will use it in winter:


Absolute perfect fit:


About time I do something about this corner:




Need some new pieces:


Also did some spraycan painting, will be this way at least over winter I guess, don’t know if I will try to paint everything myself or not:



The belts in the back seat are done for, one fully extracted, one fully retracted, neither will move…

Rear seat gone:

Getting these bastards out was not fun, until I found a video online that showed where the locks for them are:

There it is:

And both are out:

The covers needed cleaning, came out as new:


Interior teardown…

Have to replace the knee airbag on drivers side and to get the panel off I realised you basically have to take everything apart, starting in the back seat centre console and move forward:

Started with getting the centre console out:

Interesting, how do you manage to get at CD behind the panelling?

Paper and a card also:

Under back seat centre console, found the usual hairpins (think I am up to about 50), as in all American cars I have imported, coins and a card, which turned out to be a VISA gift card with $400 on it:

Slowly getting there: