Since I never liked the 18″ rims and the rear rubber was not the same left/right=will not pass inspection and they were to small for the bodytype, I started looking for something else.

By coincidence I found 4 19″, style I liked, fitted good, but in rough shape and horrible colour, but, they were cheap, so here they are:

And fitted to car, need spacers and will have to do something about finish/paint later:

Front #5

Since I am not able to source the correct parts (noone else fot that matter also, not MB, not friends and various experts all came to same conclusion), if you order bumper inserts for AMG bumper you will end up with this:

Which clearly doesn’t fit, so after 1,5 month trying to solve this problem I brought out the saw:

Ended up with this:

Fitted to car:

Grill in place:

Everything needs adjustment, but it works:


European hood had more insulation than US version, but was missing a piece:

Cut some holes and did a lot ofbending to get it in Place, but worked although the insulation is a lot thicker:

Forgot the microswitch in the left lock for the hood and that was the last of the loose unidentified wires:

Rear lights

Since the rear lights flashed red, not allowed in Sweden, they had to be replaced, ordered brand new ones, since the car is a facelift model it is partly LED.


Means I could finally put back the lining of the trunk:

Back in garage, orange lights:

Also ordered the missing tow hook cap, not painted yet:

Transmission cooler

Supposed to be an oil cooler here for the transmission:

Fits nicely, but what is it supposed to be mounted on?

Also fixed the damaged cable for the hood locks:

Some thick walled heatshrink tube with heat glue on later:

And both locks are functional:

Put the new rubber list in place:

And it closes and locks as it should: