The belts in the back seat are done for, one fully extracted, one fully retracted, neither will move…

Rear seat gone:

Getting these bastards out was not fun, until I found a video online that showed where the locks for them are:

There it is:

And both are out:

The covers needed cleaning, came out as new:


Interior teardown…

Have to replace the knee airbag on drivers side and to get the panel off I realised you basically have to take everything apart, starting in the back seat centre console and move forward:

Started with getting the centre console out:

Interesting, how do you manage to get at CD behind the panelling?

Paper and a card also:

Under back seat centre console, found the usual hairpins (think I am up to about 50), as in all American cars I have imported, coins and a card, which turned out to be a VISA gift card with $400 on it:

Slowly getting there:

Camshaft position sensor

Alright, had the code:

P0013. B Camshaft Position:Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). Alternatively (1) B Camshaft Position – Actuator Circuit (Bank1).

I thought I would move one and see if the error also moves, then I would know the sensor is faulty, turned out to be much easier…

The connector is broken, wire was just hanging there:

Connected wire, all good, no error code, no check engine light:

Found the broken off part, took out the sensor, will glue it back together:

Running rough

Since it ran kind of rough (still drove 500 km) I had to do something about it, one of the ignition coils closest to the “crashsite” had broken fixingpoints, glued one in place, one was completely gone, but worked out well with some washers:

Unfortunately this did not solve the problem and the Check engine light is still on. Used my OBD-II reader and saw that I got misfiring on another cylinder, not the one I “fixed”, moved that coil and yup, the problem also moved.

Ordered a new (used) coil and installed:

No more rough running, no more misfire on cylinder X error code, unfortunately I instead got:

P0013. B Camshaft Position:Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). Alternatively (1) B Camshaft Position – Actuator Circuit (Bank1).

The belt was in bad shape, I think it took some beating in the crash and the engine wined a lot, so, new belt en belt pulley, nice and as silent as it should be:

More engine pictures:

New project begins…

Bought a car in Jersey, New York, unseen, frontal damage, but seemed mostly to be cosmetic. It was cheap, shipping was cheap, what can go wrong?

Just collected from the harbour in Gothenburg:

Quickly showed the left rear tire was crap, no spare, didn’t want to drive 500 km like this. Ended up having 18″ 255 put on the rim, should have been 285, but at least I got home, also found out the rim needs some work…

A couple of hours later I had full functionality lightwise and a ribbon holding the bonnet in place (no locks) and all loose parts taped or locked down.

Time to go:

Quickly noticed one cylinder acted strange, no heating, no control modules for seats, so, didn’t run correct and me feet were freezing for 5 hours….