Mapping left ETA

Start your mapping with your multimeter and cutting one wire at a time:

My mapping in Swedish, also containing new colour of wires and sizes:

Spjällhus pin Kontaktpin Originalfärg Ny färg Ny kabelarea mm2
e 1 Gul Gul 0,5
g 2 Vit Vit 0,5
b 3 Brun Brun 0,5
Motor +, övre 4 Svart Svart 1
h 6 Lila Blå 0,5
l 8 Grå/Svart Grå 0,5
f 10 Grön Grön 0,5
Motor -, undre 11 Blå Blå 1
k 12 Vit/Brun Brun 0,75
i 13 Vit Vit 0,75
c 14 Röd Röd 0,5

When mapping is done, yank the cable out of the ETA. Seen better days:

Cut the cable as close to the plastic seal as you can and use some brute force to get it off, usually if you turn it with a polygrip it comes loose fairly easy:

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