The front connectors

There are three types of connectors in the front of the harness, one 1 pin, three 2 pins and two 4-pins. The 1 pin and 2 pin connectors are not sealed and very easy to open, unfortunately allt the 2 pin ones I have ever dealt with have broken when opened. Good part is that they are 24 SEK at Mercedes-Benz.

So, we need to cut 2 of these open, first remove the metal ring at the front:

Then get my new favorite tool for this job, the small hacksaw out:

Pry it open and have a look inside, as suspected, another tragedy, unfortunately this brakes into three pieces, 2 halves and one center/guidance piece:

Pin 4 is looped/jumped to pin 3:

New wires and some reused, some new sheathing:

Remember to put all the sheathing and the shrink tubing you want on at this point, then start soldering, here one of the 4 pin connectors, you can see the new loop between pin 4 and 3:

New sheathing, some shrink tube, and the centrepiece glued back:

When the glued centrepiece has dried, glue EVERYTHING, underneath the shrink tube, all edges, well, you get the point:

Shrinktubed, sanded, cleaned and some black pemanent marker:

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