Before the owner gets it back it needs a full service:

This is what I will use for the service:

New and old filter for the inside air:

Filter in place:

Replacing the oil in the rear axle, one allen plug on each side, one for draining and one for filling:

1,5 litre new oil:

Changing the oil and filter for the transmission, dad getting the oil out:

The oil also need to be drained from the torque converter, there is a plug reachable from this hole:

But first you need to turn it so it will be visible, large screwdriver and start turning:

Remove the oilpan and there is the filter:

Replace the filter, check to see if the gasket is ok, it usually is since it is quite a large rubber one, then put the oilpan back, the plugs with new copper O-rings and start pouring 7,7 litre of oil through a small funnel:

You need to start the car now and then to get the oil in all “gears” for the transmission, I usually try to get 7 litres in it, drive it a Little, check the level and top it off to the correct amount.

New fuelfilter in place, located in from of right rear Wheel under a large plastic cover:

New oil and filter for the engine, remove the plug and empty the engine:

In this case we are removing the oilpan to replace the gasket since there is a small leak, there is a small strainer that I usually check if the oilpan is off:

The oilfilter is located under the left airfilterbox:

Replace the filter, new gasked on the oilpan, put it back and the oilplug with new copper O-ring, start pouring about 10l of oil into the Engine. I also replaced the O-ring for the dipstick, these tend to get very hard over the years and the dipstick will not seal so well:

Topped the steering fluid:

Replace the airfilters:

Replaced the stering damper, these usually have nothing left in them:

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