Replacing the front hydrospheres

First remove the plastic cover at the front wheels:

Behind it you will have this, here is the hydrosphere already removed, unfortunately no picture before. The Sphere is mounted on a metal bracket which is held in place by three screws with nuts, the screws are welded into the frame of the car. Be very careful when loosing these nuts, oil them i advance, spray them, loosen them a bit, tighten them again, loosen Moore and so on. I have previously broken one or two of these and you basically have to weld new ones in place. Now I took my time and did as above and did not break any, also replaced them with stailess locking nuts and a washer:

New sphere in place, here you can see the nuts mentioned above, I have put some aluminum paste on them:

Usually the couplings are a lot easier on these since they have been behind a protective cover, might help to heat the connectors a little. Then just put the cover back.

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