The hydrospheres are a thing that seems to last roughly 100 000 km or 10-15 years, you usually replace them when there is something wrong with them.

BUT, these cars has a valve that controls the suspension, depending on market and model also the extra height for going over curbs. Usually when you have a faulty (leaking) suspension it is two seals in theis valve that needs to be replaced.

So, first, all wheels in the air, since I replaced the spheres, there is no pressure in the system, but if you have not replaced the spheres there is a bleed screw on top of the valve to be used for releasing the pressure.

The valve is located on the passenger side:

Behind this cover:

Here it is, this is the european version with the extra height option, I have an american car which don’t have this and is missing one solenoind and a little bit easier to work with:

This valve has two solenoids, one with double functions (the bottom left one), has 3 wires and both pulling and pushing functionality, this is for the extra height control. The one to the right is for maintaining height when engine is off and no pressure in the system, 2 wires and single functionality, without this it would have thee “Citroen symptom” and be a lowrider with engine off.

There is some plumbing, two pipes you see crossing the valve, they have a clamp that has to be removed so it is a bit more flexible, be careful with this screw, they break easily.

Remove the connectors and the front solenoid, it has a clip:

Now, here is the trick to do this, the bottom solenoid, the one with 3 wires can be turned, the way it is located now , there is no way of getting it out without taking more then necessary apart. Unfortunately no picture of this, but you turn the solenoid awayy from the engine so the connector points almost upwards. This way you will be able to just remove 4 Allen screws and get it out. First time I did this I removeed Everything, couplings, pipes, Everything, took me 2 days to get everything back. This way I can probably remove a valve in 1 hour from the car being on the ground and put it back in 30 min.

So, now to have a look on the other side, here is the 4 Allen screws, remove them:

There will be some oilspill, I collect it, filter it and reuse it as much as I can, hydraulic fluid does not “”wear”:

When no more fluid coming out, just remove the valve, a little bit tricky, but it works, also, be careful, there are some O-rings between the valve and the connection housing that will be left in the car. These can be replaced, but they are small and you might need to go to a shop dealing with hydraulics.

The valve is out:

First I remove the O-rings and tape it up so I can give it a good rinse:

A little bit better:

Next time we will take it apart…


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