Taking the ADS-valve apart

There are two large plugs with seals that start to leak, here is one of them and also the two allen screws that keep the valve together, remove them:

Take the two halves apart and you will see the other plug on the opposite side, here is the connection surface taped up:

Other half, also taped up for a Little more cleaning, no work to be done on this one:

Now we need to make tool for removing the plugs, I use a piece of flat iron, drill two holes in it and two trill bits with the correct diameter. Initially I was going to weld them in place and cut them, but it did not turn out so exact as I wanted it, will do that next time. Heat up the plug Before, it is glued or has lock thread, i use a small blow torch or a heat gun. There are no spare parts available for this, so don’t brake anything, a new valve is last time I checked 30 000 SEK:

Here you get the point, the seals I have seen are green, but here it is replaced with a ordinary O-ring for hydraulics:

Assembled again and ready for the car:

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