Remounting the ADS-valve

Reverse everything when putting it back in the car, in place and with tightened screws:

Leave the covers off, since you should check for leaks first.

Put the car back on the ground, it will be a lowrider:

Then we need to fill up the hydraulic fluid, but first, there is a filter to clean. Remove the return line on the filler cap an then the cap itself on the reservoir, next to the washer reservoir:

The filter itself is quite fragile, not very expensive to buy, I have even repaired a tear with glue once. The filter is made to overflow anyway, so doesn’t matter. Remove the filter from the cap, there is also a magnet inside to collect metal debris. I basically wash everything and let it dry.

Now we hove come to putting the hydraulic fluid back, I let it pass through a coffefilter, you can of course do this to another container first, since it takes some time, strongly recommended. You will probably also need more fluid, so you should have bought a litre:

Fill up the reservoir completely, since the spheres and the valve is empty, it will take some just to fill the system. I usually do like this, put a small hose on the return line down into the reservoir. This is because you will have to top off the level to get it accurate, the level of the reservoir should be half. This way you can also see easy when there is a steady flow from the return line and no air:

You will see the fluid has strange colour, this is because of small air bubbles, they will go away eventually. Now the trick, everyone usually gets frightened when the car doesn’t rise from low rider mode, this is because the pump hasn’t built pressure, you will have to keep the engine at 2000 rpm for a few minutes for the pump to build pressure, during this the level in the reservoir will decrease, remember to top the fluid. Very important not to let the reservoir get empty, this might result in damaged pump when it sucks air.

When the car has the correct level, the level in the reservoir does not drop and there is no air from the return line, remove the small hose and put the filter and lid back on the reservoir. Then go for a ride, check the level and for the coming week, check the level now and then since there might still be air in the system that will be transported to the reservoir when in use.

8 thoughts on “Remounting the ADS-valve

  1. Excellent information on this page, thank you for taking the trouble to share this. Do you happen to know how many litres of hydraulic fluid an entire ADS2 system requires? I intend to renew all 4 spheres so need an idea of how much fluid to buy. Thank you.

    • Thank you, glad to help.

      I usually reuse the fluid, just make sure to filter it through a coffeefilter or something, BUT, you will loose fluid, 1-2 litres is more than enough.

  2. Gus,

    Can you give a drawing of where the balls and springs go in the block?
    I have a valve that has been opened before and I think something is missing.


  3. Hi Gus, here is another homemechanic in need for the drawing of the steelballs,
    I had 5 in my valve, when dismantling it, but found 4 pcs in your picture on another site?

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