Before the owner gets it back it needs a full service:

This is what I will use for the service:

New and old filter for the inside air:

Filter in place:

Replacing the oil in the rear axle, one allen plug on each side, one for draining and one for filling:

1,5 litre new oil:

Changing the oil and filter for the transmission, dad getting the oil out:

The oil also need to be drained from the torque converter, there is a plug reachable from this hole:

But first you need to turn it so it will be visible, large screwdriver and start turning:

Remove the oilpan and there is the filter:

Replace the filter, check to see if the gasket is ok, it usually is since it is quite a large rubber one, then put the oilpan back, the plugs with new copper O-rings and start pouring 7,7 litre of oil through a small funnel:

You need to start the car now and then to get the oil in all “gears” for the transmission, I usually try to get 7 litres in it, drive it a Little, check the level and top it off to the correct amount.

New fuelfilter in place, located in from of right rear Wheel under a large plastic cover:

New oil and filter for the engine, remove the plug and empty the engine:

In this case we are removing the oilpan to replace the gasket since there is a small leak, there is a small strainer that I usually check if the oilpan is off:

The oilfilter is located under the left airfilterbox:

Replace the filter, new gasked on the oilpan, put it back and the oilplug with new copper O-ring, start pouring about 10l of oil into the Engine. I also replaced the O-ring for the dipstick, these tend to get very hard over the years and the dipstick will not seal so well:

Topped the steering fluid:

Replace the airfilters:

Replaced the stering damper, these usually have nothing left in them:


Everything worked as it should, unfortunately the first top down drive also resulted in this years first carwash:

Hot water pressure washer later:

And back inside for a last check to see if there are any oil leaks:


The rollbar doesn’t work, there is a module located behind the passengers seat called a Top Contol Module, this controls the Top, the windows and the rollbar. I suspected this was the culprit, besides, since I have a car to switch parts with it is the easiest to check.

This is not original:

At least 20 kg:

Here it is, one expensive module:

Once again, my car was plundered and of course it works:

Get the “thing” back:

Centre console #2

Need to finish off some smaller parts to get less stuff to keep track of.

Removed the centre console completely:

New cup holder/storage compartment piece in place:

Put everything back together, including the stereo…:

Washer/wiper #2

Noticed something, a hole… Not much to do, stole the one from my car:

New headlight wiper motor in place:

Headlight going back:

Not much space anywhere since more wiring and ballast for the xenon:

Of course everything worked like a charm, except the washer on the drivers side, it wash just dumping water somewhere under the headlight, not much to do except to remove that aswell:

Everything working as it should:

Centre console #1

What the hell is this?

Whatever it is, it has to go, there are 5 things besides the wires and the vacuum hose that keep the armrest in place, the button (one lock on each side and two springs) for the lock and 4 screws:

Then the front centre console, remove the frame around the shifter:

2 screws keep the “ashtray/lighter” in place, in fact in my car this was just a storage compartment, but still 2 screws:

I hate aftermarket stereos, I also hate the people installing them, this is why:

Washer/wiper #1

The windscreen washing doesn’t work, neither the washing for the headlights, basically the only thing that works is the wiper on the windscreen and the left headlight.

The wiper is off, xenon lights on this one (I want too, but I have removed the washer/wiper, so would not pass inspection):

Lihts out:

Wiper motor is out and completely dead:

Of course I had to look inside, a lot of old grease:

Plastic gears:

Anyway, ended up buying a used motor from England, also, both washer pump where broken, new ordered…

Rust protection

Got all the rubber plugs out, used compressed air to get dust and other crap out:

I use linseed oil for rust protection for many reasons, main one is that it works very well, non hazardous, environmental friendly, smells nice, you can drink it or fry you dinner in it.

Oiled and nice:

Also washed all rubber plugs Before putting them back:


I got a donation! 🙂

As stated before, I will not get rich on this page and that is not the purpose either, but what it does is to keep me motivated to update the information and not only do the work and get done with it…

Anyway, thank you, will not mention a name since he/she did not tick the box to be published. But I am in contact with this person and we are having a constructive conversation.