LMM wiring in car

The right side should be the longer one, about 650 mm in total, I use a clamp to hold the sheating back while soldering:

Staggered joints, not all the joints in the same Place and some het shrinking tube:

Tuck it away nicely:

Do the same on the other side:

I hid the joints in a black tube:

As I said before, I always use grease/vaseline without water on all connectors:


One LMM down, one to go

I will not show how to do the other LMM, since it is exactly the same. I did however finish one, just needs to get back into the car.

Heat shrink tube with heat glue on the inside to make it waterproof:

Sanded, black permanent marker, more heat shrink tube with heat glue, and seal + locking ring back:

Assemble the LMM connector

This is basically what you need for the LMM wire, the connector itself, new wires with cleaned and resoldered pins, protective sheating and some shrink tube:

In place:

And then glue it back together, make sure to seal it good, I have used heat glue once, not a good idea, melts (doh!), Epoxy, works well, unfortunately ages quickly from UV-light, but is perfectly fine. Now I use something called Plastic weld, works very well on any plastic, even fat ones as bumpers:

Scraped clean, just need some sanding and black paint:

LMM wiring

Since I am waiting for the wires and the protective sheating I finished one of the LMM wiring instead, I had everything for that.

We have this:

First remove the black locking ring and the red O-ring to protect them from damage:

As Before, map it before you handle it too much:

Pin Originalfärg Ny färg Ny kabelarea mm2
1 Brun Brun 0,75
2 Gul/Röd Röd 0,75
3 Gul/Lila Vit 0,75
4 Gul/Blå Blå 0,75
5 Gul/Svart Gul 0,75

Then cut where the edge from the moulding on the connector is, I have once used a knife and hammer, once a Dremel tool and this time a small hacksaw, doesn’t really matter, just get it open.

Cracked as we already knew:


LMM wiring

First remove all unnecessary crap:


Also cracked:

I think we need to replace the grounding aswell:

Then trace the wires backwards from the connector, cut the sheathing as close to were it enters the complete harness as possible:

Cut the wires where they are cracked, later they will be rejoined, but closer to the actual harness: