Assembling the connector

I did it the wrong way, the sheathing first, then I had to get the housing over the sheathing and then adjust the length of all wires individual to make the pin part go back inside the connector, it worked, but the way to go is toput the pin part back in the housing and then put the sheathing on:


I will heatglue the sheathing to the housing where they join and on top of that glued heat shrink tube, remember to put all shrink tube and so on now, before you start working in the other end.

More wires…

Since I now had all wires I had no excuse to not continue:

Here are the 11 Radox wires in place:

And with the rest 14, in total 25:


Sheathing, 12 mm tube was a perfect fit, almost a little too perfect, one more wire and it would have been to tight, but hey, we like it tight in Sweden…:

Wire colouring

Since you need 25 different coloured wires for this and the Radox only comes in 11 I realised I needed to find another supplier. Unfortunately the 3 different major companies I spoke to said same thing, we have 11 colours and no 2 coloured wires. Decided to use the 11 Radox and add something else (Radox is definately overkill).

So, where to go?


Spoke to Seth that has a Ebay store in UK and he delivered 15 different coloured wires in 2 m lengths for me that were perfect, shipping was incredibly fast and he has 60 different colours, not to mention price, Radox is extremely pricey compared:

Next time I will buy all wires from here probably, if only he had some good sheathing aswell.

Here is the lot:

These wires were also a lot easier to handle, the Radox ones are soft and “sticky”, but definately better quality.

New wires

Once I took such a “pin housing” apart and almost broke it and still ended up doing it this way, nowadays I don’t even bother, this is the way to go, cut the wire 5 mm above the housing, solder a new wire there and some shrink tubing on top:

Disassembling the engine harness connector

Time to start the actual work with the Engine harness. The connector has a lot of pins but some of them are empty, 25 of them has wires.

We need to take this apart, first get the protective sheathing off and also the tape:

Cut the wiring as close as you can, then drill a 10 mm hole straight in from the end of the wires:

The internals of the connector is locked by a screw where the pins are, after a lot of bending and twisting to loosen the “soft” sealant that is used you end up with this:

Now is a perfect time to doublecheck your maping colours:


Need to do some measuring of wire length, 900 mm:

Also measure in the other direction for the rest and also for all the injection wires from the plastic plate and out to the connector, also made notes of which connector is what and what pin wires go to, also what kind of sheathing it has since I will reuse them probably, put everything in a speadsheet:

Kontakt Sida Längd Pin Notering
0195455428 Höger 800 mm 19
0115457128 Höger 800 mm 6/7 Slang
0115457128 Höger 850 mm 5/16 Flexslang
Pin 16 gemensam
1265403081 Höger 900 mm 23/24/25 Rund 4-polig kontakt
0115457128 Vänster 800 mm 30/17 Flexslang
Pin 17 gemensam
1265403081 Vänster 800 mm 9/10/11 Rund 4-polig kontakt
Injector Cyl. 1 Höger 75 mm 1/16 Slang 205 mm
Injector Cyl. 2 Höger 70 mm 12/16 Slang 120 mm
Injector Cyl. 3 Höger 75 mm 26/16 Slang 120 mm
Injector Cyl. 4 Höger 70 mm 2/16 Slang 115 mm
Injector Cyl. 5 Höger 70 mm 13/16 Slang 110 mm
Injector Cyl. 6 Höger 95 mm 27/16 Slang 165 mm
Injector Cyl. 7 Vänster 70 mm 1/16 Slang 90 mm
Injector Cyl. 8 Vänster 70 mm 1/17 Slang 85 mm
Injector Cyl. 9 Vänster 65 mm 1/18 Slang 80 mm
Injector Cyl. 10 Vänster 65 mm 1/19 Slang 80 mm
Injector Cyl. 11 Vänster 70 mm 1/20 Slang 100 mm
Injector Cyl. 12 Vänster 135 mm 1/21 Slang 190 mm

Mapping Main Engine Harness…

Alright, time for mapping…. again…

Take photos of everything before you start, all connectors with exposed wires to see colours like such:

Then start measuring every pin and see where they end up:

Make a sheet something like this, I am not done with this one yet, it is missing some information about new colours and wire area, but doesn’t matter:

Pin # Färg Kabelarea Kontakt Pin # Ny Färg Ny kabelarea Notering
1 Svart/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 1 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
2 Turkos/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 4 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
3 Svart/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 7 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
4 Blå/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 10 2 Blå 0,75 mm2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
5 Brun/Blå 0,75 mm2 0115457128 1 0,75 mm2 2-polig, höger sida
Pin 2->Gemensam 16
6 Gul/Brun 0,75 mm2 0115457129 2 0,75 mm2 2-polig, höger sida
Med nedan
7 Blå/Grå 0,75 mm2 0115457130 1 0,75 mm2 2-polig, höger sida
Med ovan
8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
9 Grön/Vit 0,75 mm2 1265403081 2 4-polig, vänster sida
10 Grön/Gul 0,75 mm2 1265403081 1 4-polig, vänster sida
11 Grön/Brun 0,75 mm2 1265403081 3 4-polig, vänster sida
12 Röd/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 2 2 Röd 0,75 mm2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
13 Gul/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 5 2 Gul 0,75 mm2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
14 Röd/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 8 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
15 Gul/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 11 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
16 Blå/Röd 1/0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 1-6 1 Vit 1/0,75 mm2 Gemensam 16, Cyl. 1-6, mm.
17 Grön/Röd 1/0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 7-12 1 Grå 1/0,75 mm2 Gemensam 17, Cyl. 7-12, mm.
18 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
19 Grön 0,75 mm2 0195455428 Grön 0,75 mm2 Single
20 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
21 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
22 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
23 Brun/Vit 0,75 mm2 1265403081 4-polig, höger sida
24 Svart/Grön 0,75 mm2 1265403081 4-polig, höger sida
25 Brun/Grön 0,75 mm2 1265403081 4-polig, höger sida
26 Grön/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 3 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
27 Lila/Grå 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 6 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 16
28 Grön/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 9 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
29 Lila/Vit 0,75 mm2 Injector Cyl. 12 2 Pin 1->Gemensam 17
30 Brun/Grå 0,75 mm2 0115457128 1 Brun 0,75 mm2 2-polig, höger sida
Pin 2->Gemensam 17

Removing main engine harness

First, it is this large connector that connects the engine with the computer box, the plastic cover above this needs to be removed. The connector itself has a lock as ALL other connector on the car.

The cover for the airfilter also needs to go, the harness runs in front of the air box, the top of the metal “wall” is fitted with 2 screws, needs to be loosened to get the cable out, also a plastic tubing for vacuum on the right intake needs to be loosened to get it out.

Here the top of the harness is disconnected and the first of the 12 injector connectors that has two metal locking clips that needs to be pushed to get them out:

In the front of the engine there are several connectors to different sensors, some of them usually cracked, fortunately these are very cheap:

Bottom one here can for some reason be inserted in different positions, sloppy MB, it does however have numbered pins, just be careful:

Then after some careful documentation with camera and reoving several connectors, we end up with a clean looking engine:

And this is what we were after, doesn’t look that much of work, but trust me, it is…: