Starter/Alternator wiring

Not in the best of shape:

Just get to it, new wires soldered to pins in the connector:

You know the drill:


Waterfree grease as usual, connector in place:

Get everything through the enginebay to the underside:

Alternator, oil level plugged in:

Harness running underneath the airfilter box:



Starter/alternator/sensor wiring

Time has come for the easiest of the harnesses, unfortunately it is the most unaccessible one, also very difficult to take photos…

Anyway, it starts in front of the ECU in this socket:

It follows the other wiring down under the air filter box to the alternator, this is also where the oil level sensor is:

Then it continues behind the oil sump:

Only two wires comes up under the left side of the engine to a sensor:

You will need to remove a small protective plats to be able to see the starter, funny enough, the most difficult to remove are the two pieces of tape. There is a silicone signal wire that goes to the starter, it is of good quality, but you need to remove it to get the harness out:


The damn thing is finally out of the car: