Final touches…

It is time for the car to return to it’s owner, at least for the summer. Had some final things to do:

Removed all the crap that was on the rear:

I like it clean, sleeper style:

Cleaning and washing:

Just as I finished there was a halestorm:

Time to go, I will drive it to Stockholm, 500 km:

Blog updated…

Not with posts, but:

  • Fixed the RSS Feed, should work if someone wants to subscribe, link can be found in the right sidebar.
  • Added a new menu above, Cable harnesses, under there you can chose just to see different parts of the wiring process, more will be added as we go.

Money, money, money…

The information on this page is free for personal use and I don’t expect anything in return. However, just put a donation button in the sidebar on the right, it might keep me updating and not loose interest. No obligations what so ever for using the information.