Welcome to Nickel

We visited Nickel, this is not pollution, this is an environmental disaster…

The “city” consists of nickel mines and factorys, there is black dust on everything, the soil is either black or yellow. The air tastes and smells of sulphur.

We tried to enter into the actual compound but since we did not have any official permissons 3 heavily equipped and scarred unfriendlylooking russian security guards told us “no photo, no shot”

Welcome to Nickel:

Yes, it is black snow:

Yes, it is black snow:

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Nickel

  1. Good things to say in situation like that.. “Morgaly vikalyu, padla” “Idi na xuy husesos” or the best a combo
    “kooshi govno ee oomree-manda-golubaya bl’yad”
    Seems to be a cool place:)

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