The Car

The most important thing on this journey is the car. It needs to maintain operability in the harsh polar conditions of northernmost Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. And importantly it has to be able to cope with the wonderful roads we are facing for 5000 kilometers.

For this, the car needed to be powerful, comfable, fast, resistant to rough conditions and last but not least: beautiful.


Therefore the obvious choise was this 2.5 Litre V6 (blue?) Ford Mondeo from 1999.

It is apparently already accustomed to polar conditions…

The Car - Ford Mondeo V6 1999














 spinns like a cat..


…it has a lot of space for importing Mstinskaya…









..and its faster than your car.

2 thoughts on “The Car

  1. Vilken fantastisk bil ni har åkt med! Jag är glad att ni inte åkte Austin Healey Sprite-61.


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