Put to rest, not the final one though…

The Ford is recovering in Hanna and David’s garage for a few days, then it is off to Norrland again:

When arriving in Stockholm it had 276 524 km on the meter:

When we left Stockholm it had 268 425 km on the meter, this means we have driven 8 099 km.

To put is some perspective, Stockholm->Bomby is according to Google maps 8 504 km if you drive a car, this includes ferries, mine doesn’t.

Los Angeles->Miami is 4 400 km…

Stockholm->UlaanBaatar (Mongolia) is 7 500 km including ferry, about another 1 000 km Beijing.

To our distance we can add Kramfors->Stockholm turn and return, roughly 1 000 km, equals about 9 000 km.


Must say I am really impressed by the quality of the roads in Poland, for instance, Gdansk-Warszawa, great huge road with 140 km/h speedlimit. Cruise control on 142 and off you go. BUT, the closer to the border you get, the worsethe condition of the road is.