Put to rest, not the final one though…

The Ford is recovering in Hanna and David’s garage for a few days, then it is off to Norrland again:

When arriving in Stockholm it had 276 524 km on the meter:

When we left Stockholm it had 268 425 km on the meter, this means we have driven 8 099 km.

To put is some perspective, Stockholm->Bomby is according to Google maps 8 504 km if you drive a car, this includes ferries, mine doesn’t.

Los Angeles->Miami is 4 400 km…

Stockholm->UlaanBaatar (Mongolia) is 7 500 km including ferry, about another 1 000 km Beijing.

To our distance we can add Kramfors->Stockholm turn and return, roughly 1 000 km, equals about 9 000 km.

Left Kaliningrad for a long drive to Germany…

Exiting Kaliningrad was done in 30 min, then the Polish customs were really difficult, 2 h in total again… Was heading for Prora in Germany, since I left nida this morning, I knew I was in for a long drive. Basically a 1000 km drive, including 2 russiand border controls.

Decided to top up ATF-fluid in the middle of nowhere before it got dark:


Nice sunsets again:


At about 01:00 I had enough, was about 10 km from Prora, pulled into a truck parking lot folded the back seat down, got my sleeping bag out and slept till 8:00.

The car, brakes

Finally it stopped raining and I got around to inspect the breakpads, nothing to worry about, plenty left, so, have decided that the car is good for a few thousand km more.


The Ford and the distance

It currently has 273 117 km on the meter, that means we have so far driven 4 692 km.

Had a russian automatic transmission mechanic look at it and his comment was more or less:
– Top up the ATF fluid and run it to death

Thank you Dima and André, after topping up with fluid at least some of the noise disappeared and I think it is now as good as it was when we left Stockholm, will check level again later.

Will have a look at the breaks and clear the fault codes again, it is complaining about EGR (emissions) now also, probably blocked return pipe, but that will have to wait until I am back in Sweden.

Our ride so far

The Ford has been holding up pretty well despite the beating, I think it likes the fuel here, consumption has never been so low. My guess is that Ukraine does same as Russia and skip putting ethanol into it like we mix 10% into it in Sweden.


We also lost a heat shield for the exhaust yesterday, some noise, then silent, now sits beside the spare, sparetyre.


Then the light for worn brake pads came on. I checked the front ones, which was in good condition, might have to look into that in a few hundred kilometers.