Or at least Skåne…

Never thought I would be so glad to see a bridge:

Swedish Customs were a little bit grumpy about the alkohol, but I did not have that much and no heavy load in the car, they asked, where have you been, I replied:
-Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Lithuenia, Latvia, Germany and now Denmark..

And yes, we have nice sunsets in Sweden also:

I stopped to eat t McDonalds somewhere north of Malmö, good thing I am used to not understanding what people say, couldn’t understand a word…

Then I went to Gothenburg for a well needed shower and nights sleep.


Ferry to Poland is not best 19 h in my life. Ate something that barely passed for food. But, what can you expect if you pay close to nothing…?


On the boat, having polish beer, 20 SEK. Time to find hotel in Warszawa I think. Anyone got some ideas about what to see in Poland?